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SIDE Demonstration program
Download here a demonstration version of SIDE. This limited menu-version can be used to see how the program works. This version is perfect to test the visability with future users.

SIDEDemo.exe (2.3 Mb)

This demo contains a self extracting EXE, creating a single directory C:SIDEDEMO Unzip the files clicking the UNZIP button, then start side by double clicking SIDEDEMO.EXE in the SIDEDEMO directory.

(Use the PC’s <space bar> to select a character in SIDE)

Questions or problems while installing can be sent to:

This demonstration shows the character functionality of SIDE. To see a demonstration of graphics functionality see the SIDE page.

SIDE Helpfiles

The SIDE Helpfile: complete and detailed description of the working of SIDE.

SIDE Helpfile English (0.5 Mb)

also available on request for registered users::SIDE Helpfile Dutch (0.5 Mb).


With Side Chat, friends and family can chat with their beloved.

SIDE Chat Nederlands (1.5 Mb) Available in dutch. This program can oly be used when the SIDE user approved you to be part of their chat-group.

(1.5 Mb) Alleen beschikbaar in het nederlands. Het programma kunt u alleen gebuiken als de SIDE gebruiker wilt dat u deel uitmaakt van de Chat groep. Een authorisatiesleutel kunt u aanvragen HEServis.

SIDE CHat Handleiding voor installatie.

GoMusic&Voice:  New features/Nieuwe mogelijkheden (EN)

Use the new option as follows:

Create a page leaving the first line empty:

New menu option. (dutch version) Note the first empty line!

The items are played as indicated by the arrows.

Algemene Leveringsvoorwaarden HEServis

Algemene voorwaarden V1.1

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