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Welcome on the HEServis site. We are specialized in communication devices for physically disabled persons. We are able to help in a difficult situation after a brain injury, heavy trauma. Or we help to create some way of communication after a coma. BCI (Brain computer interfacing) is a possibility.

Since 2002 we are active in communication software and computer adaptations for people with the Locked-In Syndrome and heavy physically disabled persons.

We are aiming mainly on situations where urgent help is required: (Examples in Dutch)

  • Sometimes people seam to be in a coma, but in reality a lot is going on in their head. To be able to communicate is very important in this situation. With Brainfingers we can visualize the brain activity and setup a form of very basic communication.
  • There are people, who because of being Locked-In, for many years have been unable to communicate or at least communicate independently because there is no adequate tool available. We are looking for possibilities to make communication possible.
  • We like to help people who are not able to communicate for example as a result of a brain injury, with the Locked-in syndrome as a result. In dialogue with the family and the treating doctor or therapist we are looking for a method to make independent communication possible.
  • When the possibilities to communicate decrease substantial because of ALS or another muscular desease, we will look for a proper solution with you.
  • We like to help people with multiple strong diasbilities to find out or to develop help aids for communication or operation of the computer.


Locked-in? We provide a solution.

Where standard solutions do not provide the needs, HEServis can provide: consultation, development and construction of a proper solution.

A few individual innovative develpments did proceed to products also useful for other people. Those are mentioned on our pruduct page (in Dutch).


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